Innovative Ways to Re-Use and Recycle Your Hotmax Ashes.

For many, getting rid of the ash from a fireplace or woodburning stove can often be a challenge. Fortunately, due to their low moisture content, our Hotmax fuel logs burn virtually smoke free and give off very little ash. That being said however, the ash that is left after burning your briquettes can be recycled used in a number of very practical ways. Here we give you a number of suggestions, however, before you start, only handle the ash when it is cold, and use gloves to protect your hands!

1. Homemade road grit

Sprinkle left over ash over your paths, steps or driveways to melt ice and provide more grip in cold wintery weather. Perhaps not quite as efficient as a salt grit, the ash will still really help in giving more traction underfoot, and it won’t hurt the paws of any pets. Make sure to clean shoes at the door though before traipsing any ash through your house!

2. Glass and metal cleaner

Scrubbing gently with and abrasive ash paste is an effective and cost-saving way to clean the windows of a woodburning stove for example, or to polish up metal. When mixed with a little water, the ash from your fire can work wonders on grime, greasy marks, or any dirt on glass or silverware. Dip a cloth or some newspaper into ash that has been mixed with a little bit of water. Make sure to rinse well with clean water once you are finished and wipe down with a clean cloth. Don’t forget your gloves!

3. In the garden

Ash is a valuable source of lots of nutrients and therefore can be a great resource for your garden. To understand and create more optimal conditions for your plants to thrive, testing the pH level of the soil in your garden is important. If your soil is more acidic, adding a sprinkling of ash can raise its pH and amend the balance, promoting productivity of the plant and reducing the chance of diseases. However to prevent any issues it is advisable to investigate which plants will benefit from adding ash. Tomato plants for instance can really thrive with its addition, while on the other hand alkaline loving plants like potatoes and blueberries should definitely be avoided.

4. Controlling slugs and snails

Ash has long been a powerful tool used by gardeners to repel slugs and snails from bedding plants and fresh green leaves. Due to the high-water content of these pests, ash works as a very effective deterrent, so by placing a trail of ash around your plants you can keep slugs and snails away. Always replenish the ash after it rains.

5. Put Out Fires

Ash, like sand can be a very powerful way to extinguish a small fire at the end of the night. It is also useful to have a bucket of old ash near your BBQ or fire pit as a safety measure – should you ever need it.