The ideal source of heat
for your home this winter

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Hotmax fuel for stoves and chimineas

HOTMAX benefits

  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Quick and easy to light
  • Stable and safe in the fireplace
  • No resin build-up
  • Reliably consistent quality
  • Very low ash residue & emissions

HOTMAX Heat Logs

Clean, convenient and cost effective.

HOTMAX wood briquettes are an ideal source of heat for your home in winter and for outdoor use in summer.

hotmax_bagsOur heat logs are 100% natural, recycled softwood dust. They're very easy to light and they give you very high heat very quickly with very low emissions and low ash residue.

As the cost of traditional fossil fuels go on spiralling upwards, HOTMAX Fuel Logs offer you a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly alternative for your fire, available from retailers all over the UK.

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HOTMAX Fuel Logs are available from retailers throughout the UK in 20kg and handy 10kg bags.

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What is Hotmax?

HOTMAX is made from compacted, natural, unadulterated, recycled softwood dust and particles. There are no additives in HOTMAX whatsoever.

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Why choose Hotmax?

HOTMAX offers great value compared to traditional sources of heat, and an unbeatable combination of convenience and carbon efficiency as a fuel.

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Lighting tips

HOTMAX is very easy to use and very easy to light. To help get you started we've produced a slideshow to give you simple step by step instructions.

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Find a supplier

HOTMAX is available via our UK wide network of suppliers. Visit our 'Find a Supplier' page where you can find your nearest supplier by entering your UK postcode.

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