With staycation campfires and fire pits being the 2020 summer staple, Hotmax offers some easy recipes for all the family to enjoy. To make the most of the summer nights around the fire, who doesn’t enjoy the chance for outdoor cooking?

S’mores are traditionally a typical campfire treat popular in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Happy campers over here are getting to know these delicious and indulgent sweet sandwiches, made with two biscuits or cookies with toasted marshmallows and piece of chocolate melted between them.

Perfect to finish off your barbecue, bonfire or campfire feast, these gooey melted marshmallow s’mores with oozy chocolate are ready in minutes.
Below find out how to make them yourselves. With only three ingredients, it is an easy one that the kids can get involved in!

What you will need: Cookies or Biscuit (digestive or rich tea), Large Marshmallows, Slab of Dairy or Dark chocolate, Aluminium Foil.

  • Cut out some tin foil that will be enough to wrap the treats in while they cook on the fire.
  • Put one biscuit on the each of the tin foil pieces, then place two squares of chocolate and a marshmallow on each. Place the other biscuit on top and wrap each parcel tightly.
  • Once tightly wrapped you can place the parcels onto the fire pit or on a hot BBQ. Here warm them through on each side for a few minutes, this will be enough to make sure the marshmallows and chocolate are just melted and oozy.
  • Remove from the fire carefully and allow to cool slightly before peeling off the foil to unwrap the delicious treats.
  • Serve immediately and indulge! Save the foil to one side and use again.