Heading to a campsite this summer holiday? Laying the firepit for a family gathering? Firing up the BBQ for an evening with friends? Here’s 5 reasons why you should try Hotmax logs for your fire this summer, instead of seasoned wood.

Hotmax is a Smokeless Fuel

If you’ve ever wanted to reduce the billowing smoke around your fire, you should try using Hotmax smokeless logs. You can sit and enjoy the night in comfort as Hotmax is designed for low emissions. The low moisture content in the wood dust briquettes means less smoke, making a socially distanced summer’s evening that much more pleasant.

Hotmax Wood Fuel is Ready to Burn

Ideal for wood burners and chimineas, our sustainably sourced alternative to firewood is more efficient to burn and needs no time seasoning like traditional logs. Hotmax logs also heat up more quickly than normal wood. So, no waiting around for water to burn off before you get that roaring fire feeling.

Hotmax is Easy to Light

Our wood-dust logs are so easy to light that no firelighters or kindling is required. This means you can forget about the rest and just grab a sack to get your firepit going. They are also spark free which makes it safer for families.

Hotmax is Naturally Clean, With No Chemical Additives

This lowers the environmental impact and makes them less polluting. As a high-energy efficient fuel with only 7% moisture content, Hotmax fire logs produce less ash and are easier to clean up. Without any chemicals, the smokeless dried logs will not cause additional harm to those around you.

Hotmax is Kind to the Planet

Hotmax offers significantly better and more consistent performance in the key measurements of moisture content and energy, as the logs have a higher burning temperature than traditional firewood. This ensures lower carbon emissions compared to seasoned wood or traditional fuels. Also, the eco-friendly paper sack can be fully composted, burned or recycled, and a Woodsure accreditation assures you that Hotmax offers you a sustainably sourced fuel for your firepit or BBQ.