HOTMAX is very easy to light,
and generates high levels
of heat quickly.

In terms of cost and performance, HOTMAX offers highly competitive value for money compared to traditional sources of heat, and an unbeatable combination of advantages as a domestic fuel.

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No Resin Build-up

Wet or damp firewood has a low calorific content and tends to burn at a temperature that is too low to combust its resin content.

Instead, the resin will evaporate, and then condense and solidify in the colder environment of the flue or chimney. HOTMAX fuel logs generate high levels of heat that burn off any resins or other natural residues, so HOTMAX will not cause the accretion of resin or tar in flues and chimneys.

Consistent Quality

The quality and energy value of coal and firewood vary widely. HOTMAX offers consistent quality and performance midway between high quality coal and good, seasoned hardwood.


With a very low moisture content and high calorific value, HOTMAX Fuel Logs generate high levels of heat very quickly.

We advise new users to begin with small amounts until familiar with its performance!

Tips for firelighting

Each bag of HOTMAX contains a variety of ‘log’ lengths. We recommend that you use a few of the smallest to light a fire.

You can easily break larger logs into smaller sizes if you need to. With HOTMAX, no kindling is required.

What is Ready to Burn?

The “Ready to Burn” label shows logs are ready for use as wood fuel. These logs burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood and reduce environmental impact.

Ready to Burn firewood has a moisture content of 20% or less; using it in place of wet wood fuel is proven to reduce the levels of emissions in the air we breathe. This is better for your appliance and chimney and reduces maintenance and fuel costs.

Dry, Ready to Burn wood/logs & briquettes make any appliance more efficient.

Burning dry wood instead of wet wood is part of the solution to reducing the impact on our environment.

Burning wet wood increases emissions and has a greater impact on air quality.

Any chimney will suffer from smoke produced from wet wood, which increases maintenance and repair requirements.

High Energy

HOTMAX has a very high energy content, so a little goes a long way. Its measured energy content of 17-18MJ per Kg is among the highest available from non-fossil fuels.


HOTMAX can be relied upon for good results time after time due to its low moisture content and rigorous quality control. Moisture content is 10% lower than seasoned firewood, giving it a higher usable energy content.

Easy to Light

A HOTMAX fire can be started using smaller disks of HOTMAX and a few twists of newspaper, though kindling or firelighters may speed the process.


HOTMAX is produced by recycling the waste from a natural forestry product from sustainable sources.

Low Carbon

For every tree that is cut down as part of the production process, another is planted, re-capturing carbon out of the atmosphere as a natural part of the production cycle.

100% Natural & Traceable

HOTMAX is made from freshly cut pine trees, unlike briquettes made from waste wood from the construction or fabrication industries which may contain preservatives or other chemicals.

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