BEDMAX make the most of their production waste to warm our patios this summer and our hearths this winter.

Keen not to waste anything from the production of BEDMAX shavings, HOTMAX woodfuel Heat Logs made from the dust created during the manufacturing process of the shavings, has taken the market by storm.  Available in very handy 10kg bags and also in 20kg bags, HOTMAX is the perfect fuel to keep you warm and toasty throughout the winter months, or keep the chill off outside during those summer evenings in front of the chiminea or fire pit.


HOTMAX provides many benefits to consumers using this clean fuel:-

  • Burning requires no kindling and generates a high level of heat with low emissions
  • It is easily transportable in 10kg or 20kg bags
  • The small amounts of ash can be composted to enrich garden soil
  • 100% British
  • 100% Natural
  • Environmentally friendly

HOTMAX is  exceptionally easy to use, provides a good clean source of heat and is an environmentally friendly product, manufactured directly from the dust created during the manufacturing process of the BEDMAX shavings.

How HOTMAX evolved is a prime example of how environmentally friendly thinking can create new opportunities and it is significantly reducing the amount of waste produced by its parent company BEDMAX.

Produced in three UK production plants, HOTMAX is readily available throughout the UK