100% natural wood,
sourced from British forests.

HOTMAX is made from compacted, natural, unadulterated, recycled softwood dust and particles.

There are no additives in HOTMAX whatsoever. All the timber we use in our production processes is sourced from sustainably managed British forestry.

Recycling the dust we extract from our BEDMAX horse bedding.

HOTMAX heat logs are a great recycling story. We make them from the thousands of tonnes of dust and particles we extract each year from BEDMAX Shavings, our best-selling, purpose made horse bedding.

During our BEDMAX production process we cut our shavings from fresh pine timber, dry them to a low moisture content and screen & vacuum out virtually all the dust.

All this extracted dust is pre-dried, so we simply extrude it under pressure (but with minimal energy) into densely compact, pure wood heat logs, bound together by the natural lignin inherent in the wood.

This means HOTMAX is completely natural and fully traceable, and we believe it makes it one of the most carbon-efficient, environmentally friendly fuels you can buy.

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