How to light a Hotmax fire...

This is Hotmax. As you can see, it's very
clean and easy to handle.

You can also break it up into pieces of varying size,
which makes lighting a Hotmax fire really simple.

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Getting started...

First of all, crumple up some newspaper
and place it on the grate of your fire.

If you prefer you can use firelighters - you'll only
need a couple of them as Hotmax lights very easily.
Add 4 or 5 small pieces of Hotmax on top.

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Light the paper...

Light the newspaper (or firelighters) and
soon the Hotmax will begin to burn

If you're using a stove you might find that closing
the door a little (but leaving it open a little bit)
will help draw air in and get the fire started.

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Add more briquettes...

As the Hotmax begins to burn more fiercely
you can add more small briquettes.

At this stage make sure that you leave space
around them so that the air can circulate.

Again, pushing the door so that it is almost closed
will help start your fire faster.

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Add larger briquettes...

Start adding larger briquettes.

Once the briquettes are burning well you can
rake them a little to spread them out. This gives
you a great bed to add the larger pieces of
Hotmax to.

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Enjoy the warmth...

That's it!

Your fire is now burning efficiently with Hotmax.
You can close the front door completely now, and
after half an hour or so you should also be able to
close down the vents on your stove to increase the
burn time of your fuel.

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