HOTMAX is produced at three UK plants in Northumberland, Nottinghamshire and Hampshire, ensuring that you will always have a reliable and consistent supply at all times of year.

We also provide our retailers with a comprehensive support network – we’re happy to provide eyecatching marketing materials to help maximise visibility of Hotmax to your customers.

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HOTMAX is packaged in strong fully branded recyclable polythene bags.

There is a choice of two bag sizes: 20kg and 10kg. For easy lifting, the 10Kg incorporates its own carrying handles.

HOTMAX is produced at all 3 of our UK plants in Northumberland, Nottinghamshire and Hampshire, and supplied to wholesalers and retailers from their nearest location. This minimises transport costs and reduces our carbon footprint compared to briquettes produced overseas or at a single UK location.

Where is HOTMAX available?

HOTMAX is produced at 3 sites in the UK and is available for distribution to all mainland areas of the UK.

HOTMAX is available on pallets comprising either 50 x 20kg bags or 100 x 10kg bags. The minimum order is one pallet and deliveries are all arranged on an individual basis. For further details about delivery please contact the HOTMAX Head office.

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