HOTMAX woodfuel briquettes made by BEDMAX Ltd have 10kg bags.

The 10kg HOTMAX bags are meeting the growing demand for a smaller and easier to handle product. Produced in three production plants HOTMAX is available across the United Kingdom in both 10kg and 20kg bags.

HOTMAX, is an efficient and economical source of natural fuel which is Woodsure Ready to Burn accredited, made from the extracted waste dust from the company’s horse bedding manufacturing process.

HOTMAX is a clean and convenient source of fuel suitable for household use including for lighting and maximising heat from stoves, wood burners, chimineas and barbecues, or for a sudden burst of energy whenever and wherever it is needed. Burning this natural, clean and sustainable fuel requires no kindling and generates a high level of heat with low emissions. The small amounts of ash can be  composted to enrich garden soil.

BEDMAX Managing Director Tim Smalley commented on the launch;

“HOTMAX is a wonderful source of fuel, it is exceptionally easy to use, provides a good clean source of heat and the smaller bag mean it is easier to pick up and take home. HOTMAX is a prime example of how environmentally friendly thinking can create new opportunities and reduce the company’s waste”.