Wood Burning Stoves

Hotmax is very popular in wood burning stoves because it’s so easy to use and burns extremely efficiently.

Open Fires

Many of our customers burn Hotmax in their open fires, sometimes as an accompaniment to logs. It’s great for getting the fire started.

Fire Pits

Because Hotmax gives out so much heat it’s perfect for those cooler evenings outdoors on the patio.


Hotmax is odourless so it’s a great alternative to barbeque charcoals for those who prefer food without the smoke taste.


Many camping sites have pre-built fires. Hotmax is great for this because it’s easier to transport and burns for longer.


Because Hotmax burns so cleanly you’ll find that you and your friends don’t spend the evening moving around avoiding smoke!

Find a supplier

HOTMAX Fuel Logs are available from retailers throughout the UK in 20kg and handy 10kg bags. To find your nearest supplier simply enter your postcode here: