It’s Clean Air Day today in the UK, part of the growing fight against the air pollution that is doing so much damage to human health and the environment. We wholeheartedly support this cause, and we are acutely conscious of the importance of minimising air pollution with our clean-burning HOTMAX fuel logs.

The impact of air pollution on human health in the UK is very serious and getting worse:

  • At least 40,000 premature deaths each year in the UK are attributed to air pollution
  • Toxic air is killing more people today than smoking: European Heart Journal

The biggest air pollution problem is vehicle emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter (PM) – minute pieces of matter that are small enough to float in the air and for us to inhale into our lungs. But any activity that involves the burning of carbon fuels of any kind is potentially polluting, and we take responsbility for doing everything we can to minimise our contribution to the problem.

This is one of the key targets for us in making HOTMAX fuel logs. We believe that they have one of the lowest outputs of measured emissions of any fuel on the market, and they leave an ash residue of just 3%, and that’s important to us both in terms of human health, and in helping to protect the environment.

The key to making HOTMAX as healthy and as environmentally friendly as possible is our source material. We make it from the dust we extract in the production of our shavings (bedding). So the only thing that goes into a HOTMAX fuel log is 100% natural, pure wood dust and particles. Because this goes through our shavings drier process, it has a very low moisture level of just 7%, which also helps minimise air pollution.

This has been ndependently verified, and we’re delighted to be able to display our WOODSURE Ready to Burn logo. This is the industry’s stamp of independently tested environmental approval for HOTMAX’s emission levels, measured against the highest sustainability standards.

Until we can replace all our carbon-based energy generation with renewables, people need a carbon fuel of some kind to heat their homes – oil or gas, coal or wood.

We hope that HOTMAX is helping thousands of people in the UK to get the heat they need as cleanly as possible, with a fuel that is clean to handle and clean in burning, made from recycled natural wood, by a company that does everything possible to continuously reduce our impact on the envronment (including introducing renewable energy in our production plants.

That’s why we’re supporting Clean Air Day 2019 – and doing our best to make every day that our customers use HOTMAX a clean air day.